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Assistant Principal, Mr. Brian Keaney

Assistant Principal, Brian Keaney

   I am delighted to become part of the RHS family and our mountain community.  There is a unique history on our campus, and the roots of the relationships here run deep, as evidenced by the number of staff who are also Rim High alumni.  With my own kids attending CHE, and with living up here myself, I look forward to joining the meaningful relationships within our staff, students, and families.    

   My roots are just beginning here, but I bring experience and energy with me. I worked at schools in Santa Barbara and then spent 12 years at a high school in downtown Los Angeles.  I would argue there is no better training ground than inner-city education, and I bring the experience, resilience, and work ethic needed to survive the city up here to thrive at Rim.    

   The most important aspect of my role is ensuring the safety of our students and staff.  It's hard for students to learn if students don't feel safe, and don't feel like they belong.  My goal is for RHS to be a place where both connection and accountability are obvious.  Students connecting to each other and our staff and getting involved on our campus are essential for their success. This combined with students learning from their choices, all help foster a vibrant learning community.  To do this well, however, requires communication from the students and families we serve.  Please don't hesitate to contact me regarding any concerns or questions you might have.

   Though it is only my first year at RHS, I am struck with a deep sense of humility and pride.  I hold onto humility toward the magnitude and depth of work that takes place on this campus to ensure our students become college, career, and community ready.  This level of work is humbling.  I also have an unshakable pride when I see the scope of classes that we offer, the CTE pathways and Advanced Placement courses available, with the extracurriculars such as Band and Drama, mixed with vibrant student leadership and competitive athletics.  We offer our students more opportunities than schools that are double our size.  My coming from other districts and other cities, I firmly believe what we offer at RHS is extraordinary and I am proud to be a part of it.  Mr. Willemse and I, alongside our dedicated staff, will ensure our students continue to get the high school experience and the formative learning they rightfully deserve.  Rim Pride!   

Brian Keaney

Brian Keaney
Assistant Principal
909-336-2038 x242

Frannie Tennent

Frannie Tennant
Assistant Principal Secretary
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