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12th Grade Information


12th Grade Annual Checklist


  • Begin writing, if you have not done so, the essays, personal statements, responses to the UC Personal Insight Questions, etc. The UC application opens in August but you cannot actually submit until November.  
  • Attend RHS Senior Readiness Day to pick up textbooks and class schedules; exact day to be determined.  Information will be sent out through Parent Square.
  • If you are behind in credits, see your counselor to sign up for Credit Recovery.
  • The first day of school – do you have at least 5 classes? English? Government/Economics?  Math?  Science?  World Language or Elective?
  • Verify the course selection for the fall semester. Are you enrolled in all the classes you need for graduation and college admission, including the Visual/Performing Art (VPA)?   Make an appointment with your counselor today, to verify the courses you are taking to meet the college of your choice eligibility requirements.  (A-G Requirements)
  • Update your log of extra-curricular activities, awards, honors, and community service for college applications. You will need this for your college applications.
  • Develop a list of positive words and character traits to describe yourself.  Many college essays or short answer will ask "describe yourself" type of questions.
  • Continue to visit trade schools, colleges, and universities.
  • Cannot physically visit a college campus?  Then take a virtual tour.
    • Campus Tours – offers virtual college tours and interactive college maps.
    • eCampusTours – offers virtual tours of over 1,300 college campuses.
    • youniversitytv – offers video tours of most major colleges and universities in the U.S.
  • Continue to use Virtual Job Shadow as a tool to research trade schools, colleges, and universities.  Divide your schools into 3 categories: Reach Schools, Match, and Safety Schools. "Reach Schools" are those schools where your GPA and SAT/ACT scores fall just short of the averages GPA and SAT/ACT scores of their incoming freshmen class (check the school's "Freshmen Profile" or "Freshmen Data" for information) (UC Freshmen Data here at UC Freshmen Data Profiles), schools which are considered "impacted" campuses or "impacted majors", or schools with low acceptance rates such as Stanford, many of the UC campuses, Ivy Leagues, etc.  "Target" are those schools where your GPA and SAT/ACT scores compare favorably with the average of their incoming freshmen class.  "Safety Schools" are those schools where your GPA and SAT/ACT scores are higher than the average of their incoming freshmen class.  Check your GPA and SAT/ACT scores against the freshmen profiles of the schools you are interested in to see how your GPA and SAT/ACT scores compare.
  • The College Board has a college and career search here at Big Future.  The Common Application also has a college search here at Common App: Explore Colleges. Another resource is here at College Raptor.
  • Develop a list of your colleges/universities with their requirements and deadlines. Also, include test dates, as necessary. SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and ACT need to be taken by December.  Reminder:  UC and CSU do not require nor accept SAT or ACT scores for admissions.

                ⇒     Application

                ⇒     Housing

                ⇒     Scholarships

                ⇒     Financial aid

                ⇒     SAT - if required

                ⇒     ACT - if required

                ⇒     Subject Tests - if required

  • The SAT, ACT and Advanced Placement (AP) tests all offer fee waivers to students with financial need.  Check with your counselor to determine if you are eligible and receive help to obtain a fee waiver. 
  • Do you have a 504 Plan or IEP?  You may be eligible for testing accommodations for the ACT, SAT, SAT Subjects Tests, and the Advanced Placements tests.  It may take up to seven weeks for review of your request for accommodations so apply early.  You must see your counselor for help in submitting the request for accommodations.
  • UC and Cal State applications are available beginning August 1st but cannot be submitted until later. CSU application October 1st - November 30th.  UC application can only be submitted November 1st through November 30th.
  • STAY INVOLVED!  Move into leadership positions within clubs (secretary, vice-president, treasurer, president, etc.), sports (captain), a drum major in band, and leadership roles within your extra-curriculars.  Bring new ideas, projects, programs, activities, and events to your clubs and other extra-curriculars. Make your mark!
  • Participate in one of our competition teams (Debate, Odyssey of the Mind, Science Olympiad).
  • Look for community service opportunities, including RHS clubs Interact and NHS.  Check out our link Local Job and Community Service Opportunities on the RHS website for more information.
  • Continue community service involvement and/or job.
  • If you intend to play sports in college, make sure you have contacted the coaches from the schools you are considering and make sure you have registered at the NCAA Eligibility Center.  If you have questions, meet with the RHS Athletic Director and your RHS Counselor.
  • Check out scholarships and scholarship search engines here at Scholarship Information on the RHS website.  Apply for scholarships for which you are eligible.


  • Attend the College and Career Fair Day - TBA.
  • Attend Scots University College Admissions Night - TBA.
  • Read or watch the daily bulletin for deadlines and information relevant to graduation. You will receive the RHS Graduation and Senior Activity Information document.
  • Cal Grant GPA verification will be electronically submitted by the Counseling Office.
  • A CSS/Financial Aid Profile is required by some colleges and universities. Check your college website to see if it is needed.
  • Pick up a Letter of Recommendation packet from the Counseling Office for out-of-states, private schools, or scholarships.  Remember, the UC and CSU schools will not require a letter of recommendation. Make sure to give your counselor and teacher(s) the packet 3 weeks prior to the application deadline.
  • Review Early Action and Early Decision application deadlines.
  • If you intend to go to a community college, review their application dates for the next fall semester.
  • Finalize portfolios, audition tapes/videos, writing samples, scripts, resumes, or other materials for college admission if you intend to pursue a major with these types of requirements (such as a BFA Music, Art, Film, Dance, etc).
  • Register and pay for Advanced Placement (AP) examinations through the ASB Office, if applicable.  Advanced Placement (AP) tests all offer fee waivers to students with financial need. Check with your counselor for more information. If you have a 504 Plan or IEP, you may be eligible for testing accommodations for the Advanced Placements tests.  You must see your counselor for help in submitting the request for accommodations.


  • Attend the RHS Financial Aid night - TBD.
  • Begin filling out UC and CSU applications online, if you have not begun to do so.  Cal State applications may be submitted beginning October 1st through November 30th. Submit UC applications November 1st through November 30th.  SUBMIT EARLY!
  • Submit private school applications. Be aware of their specific deadlines and document requirements. 
  • Use the Common Application, if applicable, and do it online.  You will need at least 2 letters of recommendation.  Make sure you submit the Letter of Recommendation packet to your counselor and teacher(s) 3 weeks prior to the deadlines so they have enough time.  Print out any necessary documents that need completion by your counselor.
  • Take the SAT or ACT, if applicable.
  • Begin filling out the FAFSA online.  FAFSA.  Opens October 1st.
  • Cal Grant GPA verification will be sent electronically by RHS counselors which is required to be eligible for Cal Grants.


  • Submit applications to the University of California November 1st through November 30th. The sooner, the better. Do not wait until November 30th – their computer server can get overloaded.
  • Take the SAT or ACT, if necessary.


  • Finish off your first semester with a bang.  Senior grades count in the college admission process!
  • Continue to check in Aeries for grades and missing assignments.  Address any issues with your teachers before you head into finals.


  • Pay attention to private college and universities requirements for "mid-year" reports.  
  • If you intend to go to a community college, review their application dates for the fall semester.
  • If you intend to go to a trade school, find out when classes begin after you graduate from RHS.


  • Continue to check in Aeries your grades and check for missing assignments.  Colleges and universities do not look favorably upon significant drops in grades.  Admission can be revoked.
  • Keep checking out scholarships and scholarship search engines here at Scholarship Information on the RHS website.  Apply for scholarships for which you are eligible.


  • FAFSA application deadline for submissions is March 2nd. FAFSA.
  • All UC and CSU campuses will notify student applicants by March 31st.  Private and independent colleges and universities will notify student applicants usually by April 1st.
  • The month of March at RHS is "Scholarship Month" for our local community scholarships.  Pick up applications in the College and Career Center.  Pay attention to the deadline and applications' requirements.  Most are due at the end of March.  FYI - scholarships may be used for trade schools, community colleges, and 4-year colleges and universities.


  • Keep up on your list of deadlines.
  • Visit the campuses of the colleges and universities at which you received admissions.
  • Have you met the UC Entry Level Writing Requirement? If not, sign up for the May test.
  • Local Community Scholarship Interviews will be given only to those Seniors that submitted the Rim Communities Scholarship Application. April 19 & 20, 2023 in RHS Room 101.


  • May 1st is typically the deadline for student applicants to submit their SIR (Student Intent to Register) or "intent to register" at their chosen college. You will probably need to pay a deposit as well. DO NOT MISS THIS DEADLINE.  As a courtesy, notify schools if you are declining admission so the schools can release your spot to students on their waitlist.
  • Check out your college housing options.  Follow the deadlines and pay your deposit to guarantee housing.
  • Sign up for freshman orientation at your college or university.
  • The UC Analytical Writing Placement Exam is offered during May. It is one way for students to fulfill the Entry Level Writing Requirement. Check here for all the ways you can fulfill this requirement UC Entry Level Writing Requirement.
  • Scholarship Night is by invitation only to those Seniors that are receiving monetary awards from our local community.  May 23, 2023 beginning at 6pm in the RHS PAC.


  • Send a final transcript to the college you will be attending in the fall. Make a request for a transcript in the Counseling Office by the last day of school.  The Counseling Office is closed during the summer.

CSU Pathway to College Readiness