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Financial Aid

Attend the RHS Financial Aid Night, TBA.

Every year post-secondary education expenses increase and scholarship money is left unclaimed, low-interest loans are not considered, and work-study programs are left unfilled - all because students (and/or parents) think they won’t qualify and therefore do not complete the appropriate financial aid forms. Remember, No application = No money. Why not complete the financial aid process and let the colleges decide if you qualify?

Students who will be attending community college, and/or trade/technical schools should also complete financial aid forms. Private colleges may also require the CSS Profile (deadlines vary by college). 

You do not need to pay anyone to fill out the FAFSA or CSS Profile. Please check the FAFSA website for online and phone contacts for FREE help directly from FAFSA.  You may also contact the Financial Aid Office of each college to which the student applied for assistance. 

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)

Rim High School would like to encourage every senior student to complete the online FAFSA.  Some scholarships and/or colleges may have an earlier FAFSA deadline.

FAFSA Application begins:  December 2023

FAFSA DEADLINE: June 30, 2024

To file the FAFSA:

Step One: 

Step Two:

  • Gather the necessary paperwork for both the parent and the student. This will include information from tax returns.
  • Print the paper FAFSA worksheet and fill in the information offline. 
  • Once completed, you will go online to enter your data. 
  • NOTE:  Save your information often during the process so you won’t lose it if your computer connection is lost.

Step Three:

  • Be sure you are filing for the 2023-2024 FAFSA. 
  • Follow the instructions to
  • You should save it as you go along.
  • Be sure to electronically submit your completed FAFSA form no later than March 2, 2023 (February for some colleges and/or scholarships).   
  • You MUST complete the FAFSA if you wish to be considered for Federal loans.
  • FAFSA Resources



If you’re a noncitizen without a Social Security card or had one issued through the federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, you should fill out the California Dream Act Application at Contact the California Student Aid Commission at or your financial aid administrator for more information.


Rim High School counseling will submit a verified Cal Grant GPA for you (see Cal Grant below for more details).  Here is the link to the Cal Grant information.    

Step One: 

  • All GPA’s will be electronically submitted to the California Student Aid Commission for all high school seniors. 

Step Two:

  • To be considered for a Cal Grant you must complete the FAFSA.  Be sure to complete and submit the FAFSA no later than March 2, 2023.


Assembly Bill 2160 was signed into law on September 2014 mandating that all public schools electronically submit grade point averages (GPAs) for grade twelve students to the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC).   To opt-out of your GPA being sent electronically see your counselor.

If you have questions, please contact the Counseling Office.


  • Private colleges and universities may also require students to complete the CSS Profile.  Deadlines vary so check each individual college or university for their deadline. 
  • CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE®   The fast, easy, convenient, secure way to apply for financial aid.  The CSS Financial Aid Profile is a national, not-for-profit membership association whose mission is to connect students to college success and opportunity. Many of the member colleges, universities, graduate and professional schools, and scholarship programs use the information collected on PROFILE to help them award nonfederal student aid funds.
  • To file the CSS Profile (if appropriate):
    • Follow the online instructions to complete the CSS Profile for those private schools that require this form.
    • Note: UC and Cal State do NOT require this form.
  • For more information regarding the CSS profile please visit the How to Complete the CSS Profile.
  • Helpful Tool:  Helpful Tips and Resources.

General Types of Financial Aid

  • Federal Aid: Aid that comes from the U.S. government.  Usually distributed through the college. 
  • State Aid: Aid that comes from the state of California. 
  • Gift Aid: Financial aid that does not need to be paid back:
  • Grants - Typically based on financial need
  • Scholarships - Typically based on achievement or talent.
  • Loans: Funds that must be paid back later, with interest.  Federally-guaranteed loans can be from a private lender (e.g. a bank) or form the federal government (administered by the college).  Private loans are offered by private lenders with terms set by the lender, not the government.
  • Private Aid: Financial aid from non-government sources.