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9th Grade Information


9th Grade Annual Checklist

March of 8th Grade Year 

  • Attend Rim High School’s “Freshmen Orientation” – May 11, 2023.  Information will be sent out through Parent Square.
  • After Freshmen Orientation, stay for RHS Open House.  Visit the club and sports tables for information about how to get involved.  Visit RHS classrooms.  Wander the RHS hallways to familiarize yourself with the campus.  Take advantage of this night to ask questions about RHS and all it has to offer.
  • Counselors visit middle schools to discuss registration for fall classes.
  • Students complete the Fall course registration process as instructed by RHS Counselors.


Consider enrolling in this nationally recognized program which is designed to help bright, motivated students in their completion of college prep coursework while in high school, and to prepare these students to apply for 4 year colleges or universities directly from high school. AVID is a four-year elective class for students with academic potential.


  • Complete assigned summer work for Honors classes, if applicable, prior to the first day of school.
  • Attend "Freshman Welcome Day." Textbooks and class schedules will be distributed on this day.  Date TBA - information will be sent through Paren Square.
  • The first day of school, check-in at the RHS New Gym for updated class schedule detailing teachers and classroom numbers.  Check your schedule – do you have at least 6 classes?  English?  Math?  PE? Science?  Elective?  (If college-bound, make sure you are meeting the subject A-G admission requirements – (A-G Requirements)
  • Sign up for your Aeries student portal, if you do not have an Aeries account. Go to the Counseling department for more information.
  • GET INVOLVED!  There are many clubs, sports, drama productions, band, and other extra-curricular in which to become involved with at RHS.  Become involved in Leadership, run for Class Officer, become a Student Representative to the RHS School Site Council - there are lots of options.  Ask at the ASB office for a list of current clubs.  Don't see one you like?  Ask how to start your own club.
  • Participate in one of our competition teams (Debate, Mock Trial).
  • Look for community service opportunities, including RHS clubs Interact and NHS.  Check out our link here Local Job and Community Service Opportunities on the RHS website for more information.
  • Meet with college representatives who visit your high school throughout the year.
  • Check out scholarships and scholarship search engines here at Scholarship Information on the RHS website.  Apply for scholarships for which you are eligible.


  • Keep a log of your extra-curricular activities, awards, honors, and community service to be used later to complete your resume for college applications.
  • Attend RHS College and Career Fair Day, TBA.  
  • Attend college information nights for parents and students.  Scots University College Admissions Night: TBA


  • Continue to check in Aeries for any missing assignments.


  • Continue to check on grades in Aeries.


  • Continue to check in Aeries for grades and missing assignments.  Address any issues with your teachers before you head into finals.
  • Fall Semester ends.


  • Spring semester begins.
  • Begin checking out summer programs and opportunities, with their application deadlines, here at Summer Opportunities and Programs on the RHS website.


  • Check for any missing assignments on Aeries.
  • Class registration for Sophomore Year opens.  Pick challenging classes. Are you meeting the A-G requirements?  Ask your counselor if you have questions.  (A-G Requirements)


  • Are you on track? Check Aeries for grades and missing assignments.


  • It’s not too early to think about colleges, so attend a college fair. The National Association of College Admissions Counselors offers several in our area. See their website National College Fairs for more information. 
  • Complete reviewing and applying to summer programs and opportunities.  Resources here at Summer Opportunities and Programs on the RHS website.


  • Continue to check in Aeries for grades and missing assignments.  Address any issues with your teachers before you head into finals.


  • Go on to the California State University website Prepare for College and sign up for the Academic Planner (Academic Planner) to enter your classes and grades from your first year in high school.  This Planner will help keep you on track for the A – G requirements for college admission. Grades for all A-G requirements must be C grade or higher.

Summer Break - some of these ideas need to be addressed as early as January for implementation during summer.

  • Start learning about college.  Look at college information available in public libraries, book stores, and the internet.  Check out college websites.  You may want to start a list of colleges that might interest you.  Utilize Virtual Job Shadow for career and college exploration. The College Board has a college and career search here at Big Future.  The Common Application also has a college search here at Common App: Explore Colleges.
  • Possibly take a class at one of our local community colleges (see "Community Colleges" link on this website).
  • Explore your interests AND earn college credit by taking an online class through a local community college, four-year university, or take a class at the University of California, Riverside through their High School Summer Academy.  UCR High School Summer Program     Summer Opportunities and Programs
  • Get an internship, do community service, or work at a job in a field that interests you.
  • Practice online for the PSAT, which you should take again in the fall of your Junior year if you are a 4-year college-bound student.  The College Board has free practice tests and resources.   College Board
  • Check out scholarships and scholarship search engines here at Scholarship Information on the RHS website.  Apply for scholarships for which you are eligible.
  • Explore study exchange programs such as Rotary Youth Exchange.
  • Check out academic competitions at: